·         Holistic development of Dairy sector in the state

·         Profit maximisation from dairy sector

·         Socio-economic stability of dairy farmers of the state.

·         Increase production of milk to ensure the availability of recommended minimum dietary                                               requirement

·         Compliance with Food Safety and Standards Act 2006

·         To ensure fresh and safe milk to consumers of the state.

·         Increase Rural Employment Opportunities through Entrepreneurship.

·         Sustainable Development of the sector

·         Strengthening of the organised Dairy farming sector through cooperatives

·         Value addition and improved marketing to provide fair price to the farmers

·         Innovation, Research and Development for cost effective production

·         Provide adequate and quality services at farmers’ door step

·         Technology transfer through effective extension activities

·         Automate the milk collection and pricing system of the Dairy Co-operatives

·         Unify the accounting and management system of the Dairy Co-operatives.

·         Creating a network between the Dairy Co-operatives, the Dairy Development Department                                    and   other stake holders for efficient and effective management